Take you iPhone experience to the next level.

Requires iOS 7 or higher
Supports iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Tage is awesome multitasking gestures and more.

  • Close App or Activate Switcher
    Swipe up from the bottom edge to close app or activate App Switcher (Long swipe up to close app and quit background).
  • Switch Apps
    Swipe from left and right edge to switch apps.
  • Quick Switcher
    slide in from the bottom left or right corner of the screen to quickly switch apps.
  • Lock Device
    Can set gestures to lock device.
  • Switcher Page Action
    - Home page swipe down to show action menu (Power Off, Reboot, Safe Mode, Respring, Lock).
    - App page swipe down to show action menu (Quit all Apps, Quit Background Apps, Quit Other Apps).

Search+ allows you show Spotlight Search from anywhere and more.
Supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

  • • Show Spotlight Search from anywhere.
  • • Show Quick Launch apps if no search results.
  • • Allow show section image and contact avatar.
  • • Clear search results after dismiss Spotlight Search.
  • • Fold search result section.
  • • Hold result field to show action menu.
  • • Make call and send message to contact result.
  • • Reply to recent messages result.
  • • Play a song from song results.
  • • iOS7 style blur background.
  • • Support landscape mode.
  • • Support send message via Messages tweak.

Supports iPhone, iPod touch, not support iPad
QuickCall allows you quickly call, FaceTime, send messages, send mail and open site from anywhere.

  • • Quickly call, FaceTime, send messages, send mail and open site from anywhere.
  • • Call favorites contacts.
  • • Call call history contacts.
  • • Pick contact from address book.
  • • Can enter address to call.
  • • Support Google, Baidu, Bing search.
  • • Custom background image, blur background.
  • • Custom picture round corner.
  • • Support send text via Messages tweak.

Messages allows you to compose or reply messages from anywhere. The UI and features is same like iOS Messages app.
Supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

  • • Compose an SMS/iMessage to anyone from anywhere.
  • • Reply to any message from anywhere.
  • • Default last "To:", show recents and favorites via gestures.
  • • load existing conversation, delete conversation and message via gesture.
  • • quickly add contact card and contact info.
  • • Send and preview picture or video.
  • • Load earlier messages, call sender and FaceTime with sender in conversation mode.
  • • Add sender to contact and edit contact in conversation mode.
  • • Show typing indicator in conversation mode.
  • • Press home button to dismiss compose panel.
  • • Select UI style between iOS Messages app style and black style.

Supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Tweak for notification center, use Bulletin you can:

  • • Enable pull down notification center at lockscreen.
  • • Top Shelf: Hide NC widgets above NC, pull down reveal widgets.
  • • Add close box to notification banner, quick close banner.
  • • Push notifications collapsible.
  • • Swipe to delete push notifications.
  • • Make transparent background, blur background.
  • • Custom notification center background.
  • • Default show notification center at lockscreen.
  • • Can slide to unlock when show notification center.
  • • Pull up to unlock when show notification center at lock screen.

iUnlock is a cool tweak, use iUnlock you can custom unlock animation and sound, unlock device by swipe gestures, like swipe up from bottom.

Supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Fade, Suck, Ripple, Curl,
Cube, Push, Move,
Reveal, Flip

Supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
QuickDo is centralized gestures, shortcuts, toggles, app switcher and multi-tasking management for iOS. By making use of the trigger function, QuickDo will help you operate iOS device easily, like exit a app, reboot or power off, mute or hang up the incoming call, etc. In addition, QuickDo now lets you define sliding short-cuts to quickly unlock your device and immediately launch your favorite apps. It's surely worth a shot!

• Full screen two fingers and three fingers gestures.
• Multitasking management, close or switch background app, quickly launch last app.
• App shortcut management, quickly open your favorite app.
• Toggles management. Built in Brightness, Volume and Information toggles, support SBSetttings toggles too.
• Virtual "Home" button, exit app, lock the device and iPod everytime.
• Power button, respring, reboot, safe mode and power off.
• One click to close all running app and remove Multitasking bar recent icons.
• Mute or hang up the incoming call.
• Multitasking Gestures.
• Activate SBSettings and Dock app, more apps coom soon.

Dock is a app like Dock of Mac OSX,that can manage the background processes, app shortcuts, quickly switching between apps. Operation simple and quick.

• Now support iPad.
• Multi-task manage,background app quickly switch.
• Customizable app shortcuts, you can add many app as shortcuts.
• Quickly open app and quickly switch between apps, in the lock-screen can also be operational.
• More than one way to show Dock,double tap Statusbar,short hold Statusbar,double tap home button,short hold home button, left/right corner slide up, QuickDo gestures.
• A variety of display, rotating icons and does not rotate.
• iOS4 folder support,themes support.